Arsip untuk November, 2011


Do you wanna change ur self?

NO !!


be someone is truthly not me!

I’ve been dreaming be a supestar.

I’ve been dreaming be a model.

I’ve been dreaming be a president.

I’ve been dreaming be someone i’ve never knew.


  1. Someday, i was dreaming abd become a supestar. Amaze everyone, makes everyone loves me. Be a rich person in a minute. Doing concert in everywhere. Make everyone shouts out my name. Traveling to everyplace in the word.

BUT !!

I rethink abd that. If i was a superstar, i wont have a time to have my private. I wont have a time to go out for hang out with my friends. I wont have a time to finish my school time. Or the worst one, i probably have no friend who’s really FRIEND. I probably have no one who will love me and care to me, in anytime i am, in anytime i become. I probaby just have a FAKE one, one “A” but “ALL


  1. Someday, i was dreaming about become a model. Have a very really beautiful face. Have a very very perfect body. Walking on the catwalk. Make everyone wipe their spittle just because they see me amaze them. Make them unpredically falling down because see me glance to them.

BUT !!

I rethink about  that. If i were a model, i wont have time to eat the food i love! I wont have chage to taste the new brand food. I just spent my whole life just for to wipe my spittle just because i only see the food i wanna taste and have no change only to touch them. I probably always use the mask over my face, and have the sore on my face bacause i have to smile all the time in front of the watcher. I probably have to wear in all the stuff i (honestly ) dont like just for make them love me in who i ddont really am!


  1. Someday, i was dreaming abd become a president. Have a power to ask everyone to do what i want. Never fell guilty to everything i’ve done. Getting respect from all the people all over the word. Called : the umber one famous peson in INDONESIA. Traveling all over the sea for reason : HAVE A MEETING wd a blah’s president.

BUT !!

I rethink abd that. If i were a president, i wont have time for my family. i probably have no change to act ridiculous in the public because i have to take care to my personality. I have to think twice if i wanna take the decision because if i take it wrong, they will talk about my bad-ness, they will blame for everything happend, they will blame me for the less-prosperity.

I dont know what will happen if i wanna be more than them were. So, the summerize, all of it are just about “probably”  and “time” for the more important person in our life. If we were chage, they will change too. Or for the worst things, : U WILL NEVER EVER KNEW THEM AGAIN